Friday, October 26, 2012

5th Birthday Celebration: Grand Prize Giveaway Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

CLOSED  Winner: Comment #77, Heaventaste

The grand prize in our 5th Birthday Celebration is a Beco Gemini Soft Structured Baby Carrier in the winner’s choice of print or color from our in-stock selection.  These carriers are one of the easiest SSCs to nurse in and will support your baby from newborn up to 35 lbs!  To enter, leave a comment below telling us how you learned about the benefits of babywearing.  We want to thank all of you for being loyal customers and fans.  Your commitment to shopping local and/or supporting small businesses is what got us to the 5th year mark!  We look forward to serving you in the future both online and in the shop.  Happy 5th Birthday to Go, Baby, Go Shop!!!  --Gina

Giveaway Terms:  One comment per person.  Giveaway starts at midnight, October 27th and runs until 1159 pm CST.  Winner will be chosen via and announced on the blog.  Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize before another winner is chosen. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

5th Birthday Celebration: Giveaway #5 Aden + Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddles 3-pk

CLOSED  Winner: Comment #32, Andrea

Want to help your newborn transition from the womb to the world?  Next to babywearing, Aden + Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddles are a new Mama's saving grace!  

Why swaddle?  Swaddling’s ability to soothe and calm babies has been known to mothers around the world for countless generations.  In 2002, the medical journal Pediatrics published a study that explained why babies who are swaddled sleep more peacefully by preventing spontaneous movements (called reflex motion) from waking them up continually during the night. The same year, the Journal of Applied Physiology wrote that swaddled infants stay in REM sleep (the most restorative, deepest sleep) longer than those who were not swaddled.  Thanks to the generous size of these versatile blankets (47” X 47”), they also
function as a stroller or nursing cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more. 

Giveaway #5 is a 3 pack of Aden + Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddles in your choice of prints from our in-stock selection.  To enter, leave a comment below telling us what helped to soothe and comfort your newborn.  Good luck and thank you for sharing our 5th Birthday celebration with us! --Gina
Giveaway Terms:  One comment per person.  Giveaway starts at midnight, October 26th and runs until 1159 pm CST.  Winner will be chosen via and announced on the blog.  Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize before another winner is chosen. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5th Birthday Celebration: Giveaway #4 Delish Naturals Gift Set

CLOSED  Winner: Comment #30, Maria Ivey

The name says it all.  These products are truly delish!  Giveaway #4 is a Delish Naturals Gift Set consisting of one each Yum Bum Butter, Delish-ious Shampoo & Body Wash, and Delish-ious Baby & Body Lotion in your choice of yummy scents from our in-stock selections.  To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite all natural skin care product!  Just our way of thanking you for being a loyal fan and celebrating our 5th Birthday with us!  Good luck!  --Gina  

Giveaway Terms:  One comment per person.  Giveaway starts at midnight, October 25th and runs until 1159 pm CST.  Winner will be chosen via and announced on the blog.  Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize before another winner is chosen.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5th Birthday Celebration: Giveaway #3 Swaddlebees One Size Simplex AIO

CLOSED  Winner: Comment #43, Stephanie M.
Giveaway #3 is a Swaddlebees One Size Simplex AIO in the winners choice of Elephants or Monsters print!  These are the newest print additions to the Swaddlebees product line.  What separates this AIO from the others on the market is pocket openings on both ends that allows you to increase the diaper's absorbency by adding extra inserts, then allowing the doubler or insert to agitate itself out in the wash.  Hooray!!!  Mama doesn’t have to touch wet, soiled inserts!  To enter, leave a comment below telling us which cloth diaper started you on your cloth diapering journey.  Good Luck and thanks for celebrating our 5th Birthday with us!  --Gina

Giveaway Terms:  One comment per person.  Giveaway starts at midnight, October 24th and runs until 1159 pm CST.  Winner will be chosen via and announced on the blog.  Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize before another winner is chosen.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

5th Birthday Celebration: Giveaway #2 SLOOMB Underwoolies Cover

CLOSED  Winner: Comment #22, CadenceK

Want a chance to win a pair of SLOOMB Underwoolies in your choice of color and size (1 or 2)?  Leave a comment below telling us about your first experience with Go, Baby, Go Shop! and you will be eligible to win one of these awesome, trim fitting covers made from all melange yarns that are perfect for daytime use!  Thanks for being a fan and celebrating our 5th Birthday with us!

Giveaway Terms:  One comment per person.  Giveaway starts at midnight, October 23rd and runs until 1159 pm CST.  Winner will be chosen via and announced on the blog.  Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize before another winner is chosen.  Winner may chose any color from our in-stock selection.  Good luck! --Gina

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beachfront Baby Wrap Giveaway


LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Beachfront Baby Wraps, formerly Water Wrap, are the brain child of Diane Turner, a WAHM living on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas.  Not only are these affordable and functional water wraps made in the USA, they are made locally by Diane and other local WAHMs who assist her with making each "made to order" wrap for specialty retailers and customers.  Each wrap is made from 100% Polyester Jersey fabric that has a 2 way stretch making it perfect for use in and out of the water.  I had the opportunity to try out one of the wraps during a beach trip last summer when my little boy was 10 months old.  Let me just say these wraps are a life saver.  I have no idea what we were thinking bringing so much stuff to the beach but it was really nice having my hands free to help carry bags.  The carrier kept my my son safe and secure both on the beach and in the water during the busy Memorial Day Holiday.  Another plus is it dries REALLY fast so you don’t have to worry about dealing with 15 ft. of wet fabric once you get back to your car or inside your home.  And don’t let the name fool you.  Not only can Beachfront Baby Wraps be used to wear your baby in the shower, at the beach, at the water-park or in the pool, you can also use them as an everyday sport wrap since they support babies from birth to approximately 30 pounds and are highly breathable in scorching South Texas summers.  A busy mama’s saving grace!    

I was curious how Diane got started making these awesome wraps so recently I visited her home/workshop to learn a little more about her business. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.  
I'm a happy mom of 4 wonderful children.  I have been a babywearing momma since the birth of my oldest daughter in 2000, however, I didn't learn about all the wonderful benefits and carrier options until the birth of my 3rd child in 2006.  While I cut and sew most days, my children teach themselves and each other in our unschooling family. We live in the country surrounded by beautiful old oak trees which help to keep our family cool along with our 2 dogs, 6 cats, 2 rabbits, a flock of chickens and occasionally, our 5 goats that we share with my in-laws.  My husband is a fire fighter and a dedicated husband and gardener who grows as much food for our family as he can. I also pursue photography as a hobby.  I mostly take pictures of my children, but I also enjoy taking all my own product photos.  All the product photos you see on my website and Etsy shop are local moms and dads that I photographed myself.  

What got you interested in creating and sewing these wraps? 

Cutting table where 15 ft. of fabric is cut to make the wraps.
This purple color will be available soon.  Isn’t it stunning? 
I come from a family of sewers.  Both my parents sew and taught both my sister and I how to sew when we were young.  My paternal grandparents owned a Singer Store in Nebraska.  My Dad grew up in the store and not only did he learn how to sew there, he also learned the ins and outs of sewing machines.  He later became a sewing machine repairman and still fixes machines to this day.  

In other words, it’s in the blood!  Right, Diane?

How did you come up with the idea for the Beachfront Baby Wrap?

My water wraps were born of necessity in 2009 when my youngest child was 2 months old and we spent every hot summer afternoon in the pool.  I couldn't swim with my 3 other children because I needed both hands to hold my baby in the water. I found myself really missing my Moby Wrap!  That’s when I had the idea to make a wrap to use in the water.  After finding the right fabric, I knew other mothers needed these wraps too so in 2010, I decided to sell them under my former business, Go, Baby, Go!  At that time, my mom made the wraps under my specifications while I ran the business and cared for my 4 children.

The momma behind Beachfront Baby Wraps. 
Has the business grown a lot since you sold your first wrap in 2010?
Has it ever!  In January of 2011, I sold Go, Baby, Go! to a friend and opened my Etsy shop.  A few months later I created my website under the name  I now have fifteen retailers total, thirteen in the USA including Go, Baby, Go! and one in Mexico, New Zealand, and Dubai!  I’ve gone from offering a one-size wrap that fits most adults up to approximately 5’10” and/or 200 lbs. to offering a petite and extra long size as well.  My newest products include a custom wrap in your choice of color with contrast serging and a “no wrap” water carrier.  Since the name Water Wrap Carriers is more of a description and not really patentable, in September of 2012 I changed the name of my business to Beachfront Baby, LLC so my wraps are now referred to as Beachfront Baby Wraps.

View of Diane’s workspace. Notice the bolts of shiny fabric
 in gorgeous colors just waiting to become a BFB wrap.
Tell us about your workshop.
It’s a work in progress.  I moved my business from inside my house to a workshop my husband built for me above our garage earlier this year.  It still has a way to go before it’s completely finished since my husband works on it in between his busy schedule as a fire fighter, husband, and father.  This past July, he added air conditioning for which I was eternally grateful.  Prior to having A/C, my work space was truly a “sweat shop”!  Now I have a space large enough to accommodate my growing business.  Everything from cutting to shipping can now be done in one place and I don’t even have to drive to get there! 

Now that’s what I call efficiency!! 
Diane had a temp worker helping out the day I visited!
In celebration of International Babywearing Week, Beachfront Baby Wraps is giving away one of their amazing water wraps in the winners choice of size and color.  From now thru Saturday, October 13th, buy any baby carrier from Go, Baby, Go! and receive a $10 store credit on your next order (no code necessary) so if you would like to buy one of these wraps, you can find them here.  I hope you have enjoyed getting to know this local momma and her business. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. --Gina  

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Blueberry Minky OS Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway

Swaddlebees and Blueberry Diapers was started by Margarita, a mom of 3 who, after using cloth diapers from other companies, wanted to offer moms something better than plain, boring cloth diapers.  After making and selling her first 12 diapers, she started the Blueberry brand, which offered some of the best prints on the market.  In the first month, they sold all 2000 diapers in their first production run!  Today, Blueberry offers high quality products with features you won’t find on other diapers made in the USA such as sourced fabrics from the USA, latex free elastics, and materials guaranteed to be free from lead, pthalates and BPA. Buying Blueberry or Swaddlebees products means you are supporting safe products for babies and jobs for both the company’s workers and the retailers that sell the products.  Combine that with a full one year warranty and a 90 day "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” policy to round out the reasons why Blueberry diapers are one of the most sought after diapers on today’s market.  When you really look at what you are getting, these products are more than worth the few extra dollars you’ll spend compared to other cloth diaper brands.  Blueberry is dedicated to “bringing the joy back to being a mom.”  With so many adorable prints, what mom wouldn’t be filled with joy at the prospect of using a Blueberry or Swaddlebees diaper? 

Blueberry Minky in Green Camo
 on a 30”, 24 lb. 15 month old
set on the medium rise setting.
I had never used a Minky diaper before this review.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like having a “fuzzy” diaper.  While I thought the prints were absolutely adorable, I wondered about issues like fading and/or pilling, which would decrease the diaper’s “cute” factor.  Let me assure you I was pleasantly surprised when the Green Camo Minky Diaper I used for this review came out looking perfect wash after wash.  I love the softness of the minky fabric, as does my toddler who likes to “pet” his diaper!  Each pocket diaper comes with 2 very absorbent microfiber terry inserts, a 3 layer small insert and a 4 layer longer insert that is adjustable for the medium and large sizes.  The small insert also acts as a doubler when extra absorbency is desired with the 4 layer insert, which is a must with heavy wetters and toddlers.  Another surprising find with this diaper is the thickness of the PUL lining.  The Blueberry Minky Diaper has the thickest PUL lining of all the pocket diapers in my stash and yet is still very pliable.  There is also plenty of growing room with this diaper.  My 36” 2 year old can wear this diaper on either the medium rise snap setting for a trimmer fit during the day or the large rise snap setting for a higher rise to prevent stomach sleeping leaks during the night.  
Blueberry Minky in Green Camo set on the
medium rise snap position on an active 36”,
 32 lb. toddler. Note the trimness even 

with both MF inserts. 
Daytime Test:  During the day, I went ahead and used both inserts since I was testing it on my 2 year old son.  The diaper has a great fit even with both inserts in the pocket.  No gaps in the legs or waist which means less chance of leakage, especially for active toddlers who are running, climbing, jumping and squatting throughout the day.  I changed the diaper at the 4 hour mark, which is generally my cut off for diapers during the day.  The inserts could have held more fluid so I really think I could have gone another couple of hours without changing the diaper, which is good to know in a pinch!  Nothing is worse than being away from home longer than you expected only to discover your little one’s diaper is leaking too.  While it is always a good practice to change your child’s diaper every 2-3 hours during the day, sometimes life just happens and your usual routine gets shot down in flames!  The second time I tested out the diaper during the day, I had to deal with a messy toddler poop.  For some reason, my son’s stools were pretty soft that day and definitely put the diaper’s mini leg gussets to the test.  I am happy to report that while the poop spread out to the leg opening, the gussets kept it from leaking out.  Phew!  Dodged a bullet with that one! 

Side view of the diaper on a 15 month old
toddler. Note even with both inserts, the
diaper remains trim on this model as well. 
Nap Time Test:  The diaper held up beautifully during my son’s 3 hour afternoon nap.  Again, the inserts were not soaked so they would have held up even longer if needed.  The Stay Dry lining is so soft and did a great job at wicking moisture away from his skin.  Maybe that is why he slept an extra hour the day I did the nap time test!  Talk about a win-win situation.  I got an extra hour to get things done while my son woke up well rested and in a great mood! SCORE!!!!  
Fluffy Camo Bum! Even when bending
forward, the diaper covers the entire
bottom. This helps prevent poop from
coming out of the top of the diaper. 
Nighttime Test:  Since my son sleeps 10+ hours per night, I went ahead and added a Swaddlebees Bamboo Doubler just to make sure he didn’t have any leaks during the night.  Even with the doubler and both microfiber inserts, the diaper remained relatively trim and fit great.  The night I did the test, my son slept right at 10 hours.  I knew the diaper would be full but I wasn’t prepared for just how full!  The inserts were soaked to the point that they were heavy and very wet to the touch. But my son’s skin was dry and there were no leaks!  Finding comfortable, absorbent overnight diapers for heavy wetters and toddlers can be challenging since the wetness or leaks can potentially cause them to wake up.  I was very happy that my son slept comfortably all night and woke up dry.  The best way to start off each day!

Overall, I am impressed by the fit, absorbency and softness of the Blueberry Minky Pocket Diaper.  While it can be hard to get a good fit with a OS pocket diaper because either it doesn’t fit small babies well or it doesn’t fit toddlers well, this diaper fits well on both.  I definitely recommend adding some of Blueberry’s functional and cute diapers to your stash! 

To give our fans the opportunity to shop at our local or online store, we are giving away a $20 Go, Baby, Go! gift certificate.  If you would like to purchase a Blueberry Minky OS Pocket Diaper, you can find them here.  Thanks for taking the time to read my review! --Gina       

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Knickernappies Custom Fit Diaper Review and Giveaway

CLOSED     WINNER: Kelsea Y.  
Knickernappies is a cloth diaper and accessory company that was purchased and reinvented in 2006 by Shannon and Heather Hicks. The couple was introduced to cloth diapering out of necessity when their newborn daughter developed a diaper rash almost immediately after her birth.  By the time their daughter was 7 weeks old,  Shannon and Heather had tried a couple of cloth diapers and went on to purchase their first “stash”.  Their daughter’s diaper rash cleared up within a few days of using cloth and they have never looked back!  Not only are they cloth diaper advocates, they are committed to making, distributing, and selling over 20 quality products that are proudly made in the beautiful state of Oregon.  Though the business has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 6 years, Shannon and Heather still run their business from home and even have a custom built garage they use as a warehouse for their wonderful products.  From diaper rash to family owned business, a true American success story! 

I am not new to Knickernappies products.  I have several of the One Size Pocket Diapers (OSPD) and both Loopy Do and Super Do inserts along with the Stay Dry Nursing Pads, a Doorknob Diaper Pail, a Diaper Sprayer and a Baltic Amber Necklace for my son.  However, until Liz brought in the Custom Fit Pocket Diaper to Go, Baby, Go!, I had never had the opportunity to try one.  Like many cloth diapering moms, I thought the OSPD would give me more bang for my buck since they fit babies up to 40 lb and are side snapping, which generally have a trimmer fit and make it harder for toddlers to escape from their diaper.  But, to my dismay, my baby’s legs were to skinny to fit into most OSPDs without leaking until about the 3 month mark.  This is where sized diapers, like the Custom Fits, come in handy. 

For this review, I tried a Medium sized Custom Fit Pocket Diaper with a medium LoopyDo insert during the day and a medium SuperDo insert at night.  In case you are not familiar with the “Do” inserts, they are made from 2 (LoopyDo) or 6 (SuperDo) layers of thirsty, pre-washed, hemp french terry plus 2 layers of ultra-thick white microfiber.  These inserts are one of the best on the market today and have received rave reviews from cloth diapering mamas!  Plus, they are made to fit perfectly in the Custom Fit diapers, which makes stuffing the pocket a breeze.  Custom Fits do not come with inserts so they are cheaper than their OS counterparts ($16.95 compared to $21.95).  This gives you the option to really customize the diaper based on your needs.  Why pay for inserts you don’t really need or want? Makes perfect sense to me!     
Knickernappies Custom Fit Pocket Diaper
 in Melon with a LoopyDo insert on a
30 lb., 36 inch active toddler
Note the trimness of the diaper.
The first thing I noticed about the Custom Fit is it’s buttery soft fleece lining.  It felt so nice when I rubbed my hand across it, I can only imagine how soft it must feel on a baby’s sensitive bum.  But, it’s not soft when it comes to doing it’s job.  It kept my toddler’s skin very dry, which to me equals greater comfort and better sleep.  Something all of us tired parents could use!  I have to say I was quite surprised when a medium, which fits babies approx. 15-28+ lb., fit my 30 lb toddler with room to spare!  I had two rows of snaps left on both top and bottom.  This is wonderful because instead of having to buy 3 sizes as your baby grows, you can save money by only having to buy 2 sizes, all while reaping the benefits of a sized diaper.  During the day, the Loopy Do insert made for an extremely trim yet highly absorbent diaper.  It passed the “pants test” with flying colors, which as you know, can be quite difficult depending on the diaper and cut of the pants/shorts.  I was able to go about 3 hours before having to change him, making this combo excellent for both home and out of the house use.  I probably could have gone longer but I didn’t want to risk having leaks.  

For nighttime, I found the SuperDo just as easy to stuff into the Custom Fit diaper as the LoopyDo even though it is considerably thicker.  I was already familiar with the SuperDo insert because I use them in my Knickernappies OSPDs.  They are my absolute favorite insert for overnight, especially for heavy wetters and toddlers.  As I expected, the SuperDo lasted 10 hours with no leaks.  Of course, that was one HEAVY and completely saturated insert in the morning but it did the job!  

With a SuperDo insert for nighttime and naps.
A bit more bulky but still relatively trim. 
The thing I like best about the Knickernappies Custom Fits over the OSPDs is the trim fit.  Even with the SuperDo insert, the diaper remained trim on my 36 inch, 30 lb. 2 year old.  This makes it super easy to dress your child for both play and sleep without having to worry about which outfits or pajamas will fit over the diaper.  I also like not paying for inserts you really don’t need.  You can use a variety of inserts in these diapers, including a trifolded prefold, hemp or bamboo inserts, combo MF/hemp inserts like the LoopyDo or SuperDo, or just plain old microfiber if you wish.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this diaper.  Whether you have a little squish or an active toddler, Knickernappies Custom Fit diapers will not disappoint!  And, with 17 colors to choose from, you’ll never be without a diaper to coordinate with your child’s clothing (if you do that sort of thing, of course)!  I also love that Heather and Shannon stick by their products with one of the best warranties in the industry, 1 year on the diaper, 2 years on the elastic and lifetime on the snaps!  Impressive to say the least!   

To give our fans an opportunity to try one of these fabulous, made in the USA diapers, we are giving away one Custom Fit Diaper in the winner’s choice from our in-stock colors and sizes.  If you would like to purchase one of these awesome diapers, go here or if you want to purchase a SuperDo or a LoopyDo insert, you can find them here.  Good luck and thanks for taking the time to read my review. --Gina   
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Made in the USA: Celebrating the American Worker!

Here at Go, Baby, Go! we are committed to supporting the American worker by carrying many quality products made in the USA.  As Labor Day approaches, we will begin highlighting several American made products on the blog with reviews and giveaways throughout the months of September and October.  Look for these product reviews:

Knickernappies Custom Fit Pocket Diaper CLOSED   WINNER: Kelsea Y. 

Blueberry Minky One Size Pocket Diaper
Bamboobies Nursing Pads
Water Wrap Carriers
Buddha Bunz Wool Dryer Balls
Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 Fitted Diaper
Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent

Three of these products are not only made in the USA, but made locally in the San Antonio area!   Can you guess which ones?  Stay tuned for the links to each review as we post them on the blog.  Have a happy and safe Labor Day holiday!  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Delish Naturals Review and Giveaway

CLOSED     WINNER: Tristan J. 

Delish Naturals is a family owned business in Alberta, Canada.  Delish's owner, Krystal Clark, started the business in 2008 out of necessity due to her daughter’s eczema and desire to find a rash treatment safe to use with cloth diapers.  From this came their first product, Yum Bum Butter, which can banish many skin aliments such as cradle cap, eczema, psoriasis, and cracked, dry skin all while smelling good enough to eat and being cloth diaper safe!  The success of Yum Bum Butter brought about an entire line of all natural and organic skin and bath care products for the entire family to include body wash, lotion, soaps, balms, deodorant and many more.  All Delish Natural products are made from quality ingredients that are ethically derived, ecologically sustainable, and organic whenever possible.  You won’t find any nasty chemicals like phalates, parabens, petroleum, and/or sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) in these products.  The Delish guarantee?  "If we wouldn't put it on our babies, it won't go on yours.”  The result is products that are crafted with care and made fresh to order.  Sounds a bit like food, right?   Hence the “delish”!  

I was fortunate enough to try several of the awesome products from the Delish Naturals product line.  While I have to say ALL the products I tried were wonderful, I’ve narrowed this review down to four of my faves, Yum Bum Butter,  Raspy Rub, Delish-ious Shampoo & Body Wash, and Delish-ious Baby & Body Lotion.

Yum Bum Butter:
All Yum Bum Butters are formulated with organic coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and cocoa butter.  The Yum Bum Butter I tried on my 2 year old toddler was the Therapeutic EO Blend.  The first thing I notice right off is the fresh, clean smell of lavender and tea tree oil when I opened the tin.  The crunchy mom in me LOVES the smell of essential oil, especially lavender!  This blend is the “workhourse" of the Yum Bum Butters, warding off yeast and bacteria while promoting healing, protection, and moisture for your baby’s delicate skin.  The second thing I noticed is it doesn’t take much to get a good coating on the skin because this stuff is thick!  The less you have to use, the more cost effective the product.  Perfect for those of us who have “ champagne taste on a kool-aid budget”!  My little boy developed a rash from eating too many grape tomatoes (one of his favorite foods) while I was testing out the EO blend.  This was the big test for me because in the past when his skin gets irritated, medicated or therapeutic salves/butters have caused him to scream because they burn any opened skin that may accompany the rash.  Surprisingly, even with the essential oils, he did not respond at all except to continue to wiggle around, which is par for the course with a toddler!  At his next diaper change a few hours later, the rash had drastically improved.  By the end of the day, he was almost rash free!  I am very impressed with the quality of this product and plan to branch out and try some of the yummy smelling ones next.  With scents like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Warm Apple Pie, and All Natural Kiwi Kiss, it’s a fruit lovers smorgasbord!  For those of you not fond of scents, Delish also offers, In The Buff, an unscented Yum Bum Butter. 

Raspy Rub:
What is Raspy Rub, you ask?  In a nutshell, think Vicks Vapor Rub sans a bunch of useless, nasty chemicals making this product safe for ALL members of the family, including babies 6 months and up.  When I received the Raspy Rub, I thought, “How on earth am I going to test this out in the middle of a Texas summer?”  Well, lo and behold, my entire family came down with a cold in July!  I swear it was divine intervention!  Bottom line, this product is a lifesaver.  There is nothing worse than a stuffy baby that cannot sleep or nurse because he/she cannot breathe out of his/her nose.  Then there’s the stuffy mommy that can’t sleep because she can’t breathe either but has to get up and take care of her children regardless.  One tall, double caf, hazelnut. soy latte, please!!  The first time I used the Raspy Rub was right before my little boy went to bed.  After bulb suctioning his nose, I put some of the Raspy Rub on his chest and on the outside of his nose (very small amount).  It glided on very easy thanks to the Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter that make up this wonderful product.  Along with this I got our cool mist humidifier out (who knew I would need it in the middle of a heat wave?!) to aid in keeping his nose open.  He slept through the night, which NEVER happens when he’s sick.  In the morning, he had loose congestion is his nose that was very easy to suction out.  The Raspy Rub and humidifier had done a fabulous job of keeping him from getting stuffy during the night.  By that evening, I was coming down with the same virus.  After seeing how well it worked for my son, I decided to try it out on myself.  I did the same thing for both he and I that I had done the night before.  The balm was very comfortable on the skin, no burning or tingling like you might expect with Rosemary and Eucalyptus EOs.  Once again he slept through the night and I am happy to say I slept through the night too!  I did say, “Lifesaver”, right?!!  I also noticed our noses did not get chapped from all the blowing and wiping that makes colds so miserable.  Just another benefit of the Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter in the Raspy Rub.  Overall, I really love this product and plan to buy more when my current tin runs out.  Save yourself sleepless nights and buy this product at the start of cold and flu season.  A little goes a long way so one 2 oz. tin should last through the entire season.  

Delish-ious Shampoo & Body Wash: 
This combo shampoo and body wash is great for the entire family, including new little ones!  The tear free formulation is comprised entirely of gentle saponified oils, amino acids, vitamins and proteins while remaining nut, dairy, gluten, paraben, wax, SLS and phthalate free.  I tried the Grape Soda scent which smelled so much like grape soda that it literally made me salivate!  And want a Nehi Grape soda!  So, it’s safe to say the first thing I LOVED about this product was the yummy scent.  The next thing I noticed as I was using it to bathe my son is it does not foam up much because it is SLS free.  Being SLS is a good thing but it takes some getting used to when the norm at bath time is foam-a-palooza!  I found using a bath pouf made for kids works great and gives off more suds than a washcloth.  For some, this may not be important but, while we all want to use non-toxic products on our kids, others may not know SLS free products foam much less than bath products laden with SLS.  The nice thing is my son did not seem to notice.  All in all, this product did a great job cleansing the skin and hair of one ornery 2 year old.  His hair and skin was SO soft and smelled “delish”, even before using any lotion.  The best part happened the next morning.  My son has curly hair so we wet it in the mornings to get it to lay down.  When I sprayed his hair, I instantly smelled grape soda!  In 2 years of using baby wash and shampoo, that has NEVER happened.  The next day, same thing!  “Gee, your hair smells terrific!”, only now it’s free of chemicals!  Bottom line, it’s very important to me to use safe skin care products on my son so I would certainly buy this product.  If you use a bath pouf, not only will the wash foam up more, it will last longer because you use less product.  A nice perk for us budget conscious mamas.  Delish-ious Shampoo & Body Wash comes in a wide variety of yummy fragrances so pick one that makes you salivate and enjoy!   

Delish-ious Baby & Body Lotion:
What more can I say about a silky, non-greasy, fast absorbing lotion that left my skin feeling baby soft? Oh, I know!  It’s formulation of soothing calendula, apricot kernel oil, and sweet almond oil combine to prevent moisture loss, while vitamin E and amino acids restore essential vitamins and proteins in your skin, all while being completely chemical free and gentle enough for a newborn!  I absolutely fell in love with the Sweet Orange Baby EO scent.  Believe it or not, it was a nice complement to the Grape Soda scent in the body wash.  Think Fanta Orange meets Nehi Grape!  Since it’s a non-greasy formula, it’s easy for adults to reapply this lotion throughout the day without having to worry about leaving greasy fingerprints behind.  A big plus for those in professions where you do a lot of hand washing.  I never thought there would be a lotion that would please both the woman AND mom in me.  This lotion was perfect for my 2 year old as well as myself.  It left his skin feeling soft and silky as well as looking radiant and healthy.  What impressed me the most is while this product doesn’t have the term “hypoallergic” in it’s description, it ought to because although I tend to have skin reactions to scented lotions, I did not react to this lotion.  All this time what I thought was a fragrance issue may very well be a chemical issue.  Apparently, thanks to Delish Naturals, I CAN use scented lotions as long as they are made from all natural and/or organic ingredients.  SCORE!!! 

Overall, I am very impressed with Delish Naturals and their commitment to selling high quality, chemical free, eco-friendly, boutique baby products.  Whether buying them for your own family or as a gift, you can rest assured knowing you are spending your hard earned money on products that are safe for the ENTIRE family!  One less thing for tired parents to worry about in a busy world! Thanks Delish!!! 

To celebrate Delish Naturals arrival at our wonderful little shop, we are giving away a Yum Bum Butter to one lucky winner (a $14.95 value).  Enter below for your chance to win.  If you would like to purchase the products in this review, you can find them locally in the shop or in our online store here.  Thanks for taking the time to read my review! --Gina

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


If you have been to the shop recently, you have probably noticed Liz is no longer working by herself.  In just four short months, the business had grown to the point where Liz felt it was time to hire her first employee.  Enter one experienced cloth diapering and baby wearing mama who had just relocated from Dallas to San Antonio and the rest is pretty obvious!  Please join Liz and I in welcoming Kimberly Riddle to the Go, Baby, Go Shop family!  I had the opportunity to ask Kim some questions so we could get to know her a little better.   

Kim and her beautiful family!
Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I grew up in the North Dallas area where Tyler and I met our junior year in high school. I attended Allen High School and then went to Collin County Community College where I completed my RDA (Dental Assistant). Tyler and I are getting ready to celebrate 8 years together. We have two children, Reid, who is 5 and Sawyer, 15 months. 

How did you find out about Go, Baby, Go? 

I can't remember exactly but I know Twitter was involved.

What got you started cloth diapering? 

My sister-in-law got me hooked .... or should I say addicted?!! 

What is the one cloth diapering product Go, Baby, Go sells that you couldn't live without? 

CJ's Butter! 

What is your favorite carrier and babywearing position? 

That is a hard question to answer.  I am the owner of many carriers (I will not say how many in case
Tyler happens to read this!).  I love them all for different reasons.  I will say my favorite position is a back carry.  Sawyer loves to look over my shoulder and explore the world!

Tell us about the babywearing group you recently started. 

My friend Stephanie and I started a local babywearing group, San Antonio Area Babywearers, shortly after I moved down here for the simple fact that I missed my old one in Dallas.  It was also a nice way to meet other babywearing moms.  Before moving, we knew no one in the San Antonio area.  Stephanie and I wanted a place where people could go to buy, sell, or trade their carriers and wraps as well as get advice on babywearing. We offer a lending library for our members to have a "try before they buy" opportunity, carrier tuteriols, and safety resources and information on babywearing.  Our "little" group has now grown to over 100 members!  We have two meetings a month and in August, we are starting an intensive wrap instruction for those who want to learn how to wrap their little ones.

 Kim keeps her hands full at the shop! Where else can you shop while someone else wears and comforts your babies for you? 
Go, Baby, Go and Kim ROCK!! 
Photo Courtesy of Marci Brigance

In just 7 short months, Kim has managed to get a job, start a babywearing group and meet a ton of cloth diapering and babywearing moms.  I'd say she has done quite well acclimating to San Antonio!  Recently, she was put in charge of the shop's newest undertaking, Bagel n' Buns Monday Morning Diaper Chat, a casual meeting with a different topic pertaining to cloth diapers each week.  So.......whether you need help with cloth diapers or carriers, want to meet other babywearing moms, or have a problem and need to chat about it, Kim is your one stop source for information!  Next time you're in our neck of the woods, stop by and say hello! --Gina

For more information on our next Bagel n' Buns meet up, go here.

If you are in San Antonio or the surrounding area and want to join the San Antonio Area Babywearers group, you can request membership here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2500 Facebook Fan Giveaway

CLOSED     WINNER: Comment #67 out of 324 comments- Kris M. 

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 2500 Facebook fans, we are giving away a Boba 3G Structured Carrier in the winner's choice of print or color from our in stock selection.  This carrier is the only carrier you will ever need!  It has a built in panel to support newborns from 8 lb. and goes all the way up to 45 lb. toddlers.  It fits numerous shapes and sizes without having to buy extension belts so even daddies of linebacker size can use the Boba comfortably.  The Boba truly is a multifunctional, easy to use, wonderful to wear, hands free device! 

To enter, go our online store, choose a product that you have used, scroll down and click the "write a review" tab, then write a review on that item.  Once you are finished, come back here and comment on this blog post letting us know which product you reviewed.  You may do more than one review, just be sure to do a separate comment per review.  Good luck and thank you for being a fan!!!  

Boba 3G Soft Structured Carrier in Dusk

Giveaway rules: The giveaway will run for one week and end on June 6th at 11:59 pm CST.  Winning comment will be selected via  Winner will be notified via email and announced on the blog.  If we discover the winner did not write a review, the prize will be forfeited and another winner chosen. One review per comment please. Any reviews containing foul language or disrespectful content will be removed.  Your review does not have to be positive, just courteous and insightful.  Thank you! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Best Bottom Review and Giveaway


Best Bottom is an All-In-Two (AI2) diapering system created by Nicki, a WAHM and owner of Nicki's Diapers.  Her vision was to take all the pros from different diapering systems and incorporate them into one perfect diapering system, leaving out all the cons.  The Best Bottom AI2 system offers many options to choose from so it's easy to get a good, trim fit, even on long, lean babies or babies with very chunky legs. The one size covers come in great color combinations and adorable prints with both snap and hook & loop closures along with leg gussets that do a phenomenal job of containing even the messiest toddler poop!  One aspect separating Best Bottoms from other AI2 systems are the sized snap in inserts. Gone are the days of trying to get a one size insert to fit a small infant without adding a ton of bulk!  The regular snap-inserts are available in small, medium, and large with the choice of either Stay Dry Microfiber or Hemp/Organic Cotton.  For overnight, choices include thicker, more absorbent sized inserts in Microfiber or Hemp/Organic Cotton.  A snap-in 2 layer Microfiber Doubler is also available to use for naps, long car rides or anytime you need a bit more absorbency without adding a lot of bulk.  Since this is a hybrid system, the diaper cover can be used with the snap inserts, a prefold or a fitted diaper, or a disposable insert.  A true multi-tasker!   
                                                                                   Daytime Test:
Best Bottom Cover in Blue Giraffe,  slim 26-lb 2 year old
To test this system on my 23 month old, I used a large Stay Dry insert with a large Hemp/Organic Cotton insert snapped on top and a Blue Giraffe cover during the day.  Surprisingly, the diaper remains relatively trim even with 2 inserts.  Since my little boy hit the 20 month mark, I have been dealing with leaks due to an increase in his urine volume.  The amount of fluid he takes in varies from day to day so it's impossible to tell whether a diaper will leak or not.  If a diaper can handle my 23 month old for 3-4 hours without leaking, then it's a keeper in my book.  The first thing I noticed is the diaper remains surprisingly trim with 2 inserts.  I really like that, especially during the day when I have to keep pulling his shorts up and down for diaper changes!  Second, the diaper is a great fit, which can sometimes be an issue as babies get to the toddler phase.  No leg gaps as he climbs or squats, no butt crack showing when he leans over, and the waist is not to tight or too loose!  I am jazzed to say the least!!  During the first test, the diaper held up without leaks for about 4 hours before needing to be changed.  One nice thing is I was able to wipe out the cover with a soft cloth and use it again.  The second test involved a huge, soft toddler poop after about 2 hours of wearing the diaper.  The leg gussets did their job because none of it came out of the diaper although I was unable to reuse the cover because the inside of the gussets got soiled.  All in all, I was VERY happy with the performance of this system during the day.  Being able to go about my day without having to change my son's clothing and clean up extra messes due to leaks was wonderful!  I'd also like to note the poop stain left on the Hemp/Organic Cotton insert sunned out beautifully.  An added benefit for those of us who hate stains on our precious fluff!

1 large microfiber insert, Very little bulk for daily use
Very trim on our adorable 2 year old Fluff Model!

Nighttime Test:
For the nighttime test, I used a large Overnight Microfiber insert underneath the large, regular Hemp/Organic Cotton insert that I used during the daytime test.  The Hemp/Organic Cotton insert does not snap into the Overnight insert so I just laid it over the top with the cotton fleece layer facing out towards the skin.  While this combo is not as trim as the one used during the day, it still was not as bulky as some of my nighttime pocket diapers and the fit was still perfect.  My little boy sleeps 10-12 hours each night without being woken up for diaper changes so this is a true test of how well the overnight  system holds up on toddlers.  The overnight combo took a beating during the 11 hours my son slept but it did not leak!!  The inserts were definitely saturated but I think they could have held more urine if necessary.  What I really loved was the cotton fleece did a pretty good job of keeping my son's skin dry.  I noticed he tends to sleep longer when he is in a stay dry diaper so the fact that Best Bottoms offers stay dry options is a big bonus!

Disposable Insert Test:
Best Bottoms does not offer a disposable option for their AI2 system but I knew I could improvise and use either a GroVia Biosoaker or a Flip disposable insert.  Since the cover doesn't have an area to adhere the GroVia insert without getting it on the PUL, I decided it was best to use a Flip insert.  As I stated earlier, my little boy has turned into a heavy wetter so we can no longer use disposable inserts for more than an hour, two at the most.  The Flip insert was a bit long for the rise setting I used on the cover so I folded it over in the front to make it fit.  Even with it folded over, the insert fit nicely and was extremely trim.  After an hour and a half, I decided to change back to a cloth insert.  The Flip insert was   pretty soaked but thankfully, there were no leaks and  I was able to wipe out the cover to use it again.  While the disposable option was not the best choice for my 23 month old, I think the Flip disposable insert would certainly be a great option for babies 18 months and younger.

Trim fit, easy to use (great for Dads, Grandparents, and Babysitters); several insert sizes and types make for a custom fit; the covers come in adorable prints and nice color combos; extender tabs are available for a roomier fit in the waist area; decreases diaper laundry since the covers can be wiped out and reused several times; stains easily sun out; and the entire system is made in the USA. If using 2 sizes, say medium and large for example, the cost is the same as a one-size insert system because Best Bottom inserts are half the price of a one-size insert and the covers are the same price.

If diapering from birth to potty training with small, medium, and large inserts, it will be a bit more costly since the inserts are sized; can't snap doubler down onto the Overnight inserts. 

Overall, the Best Bottom diapering system is one of the best hybrids on the market today.  If I had tried this system prior to buying the GroVia AI2 system, I would have definitely invested in this system.  It is also one of the few that is made exclusively in the USA, which is a definite plus!!  I highly recommend Best Bottoms if you are in the market for an AI2 system.  You can enter below to win a Best Bottom cover in the print or color of your choice, a 4 layer Stay Dry insert, and a 5 layer Hemp/Organic Cotton insert OR you can purchase this system at Go, Baby, Go, both online and in the store.  Thanks for taking the time to read my review!! --Gina

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Melody Odor Neutralizer Review and Giveaway


Rockin Green is a local company, located on the outskirts of the San Antonio city limits in Castroville, Texas, that prides itself on making ecologically friendly cleaning products. Owned and operated by female powerhouse Kimberly Webb, the company received a Stevie Award for being the fastest growing company of 2011 while Kim herself was given a Stevie for Entrepreneur of the Year. Their products are sold in over 600 stores throughout the United States and in 50 other countries, including Australia, Canada, and Dubai! Talk about a local gem! The company recently went from just making laundry detergent in 2009 to launching several new eco-friendly cleaning products and laundry accessories in September of 2011. One of those products is Melody Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Spray. Melody is available in an 8 oz spray bottle that sells for $8.95 and comes in all the fun scents that Rockin Green is known for, to include the ever popular Rage Against the Raspberry, Smashing Watermelons, and Motley Clean.

I have been using Melody for several months now. I was lucky enough to get to take it for a test drive a few months before it was even available on the market thanks to the generosity of Rockin Green's CEO! It only took a couple of applications for me to completely fall in love with Melody! First of all, let me establish that I generally cannot tolerate scented products. I end up with a full throttle allergy attack to include sneezing, watery eyes, and scratchy throat. The first thing I noticed is, while the spray had a raspberry fragrance, it didn't affect me when I sprayed it in my bathroom. Now, being that it was such a small area, I only used one spray, which in turn completely neutralized "bathroom odor" (enough said!) within seconds. Yes, I said seconds!!! Just think, you can actually go to the bathroom and have a guest or family member walk in behind you and NEVER know what took place in there! Or better yet, YOU can walk in behind your husband and not have to share the one thing ALL women would rather not know about! Excuse me while I do the HAPPY DANCE!!!

The next place I decided to test out Melody was in my son's room. At the time I started using Melody, he was 15 months and eating solids at every meal so his poop could definitely clear a room. Between that and the diaper pail (remember, we are talking toddler here), his room could smell for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes after a diaper change. I hated the lingering smell, especially if we were in his room playing or I needed to go in there to fold and put away clothes or diapers. This time, since it was a bigger room, I used two sprays. Again, in seconds, odor neutralized! This mama went from sad to glad in no time! That ought to be Melody's mantra!

Photo Courtesy of Monica Barrientes of M.Y. Photography

Pros: Neutralizes odor in seconds, comes in great smelling scents, the bottle lasts a long time since you generally only need one spray for small to medium sized rooms and 2 sprays for larger rooms, available in unscented for those sensitive to fragrances, made from all natural ingredients, safe for use around children and pets, can be safely used on fabrics

Cons: They can't make it fast enough? Hmm....any sensitivity to the scents, you have to shake the bottle well before using to mix the ingredients- if you don't, it is not as effective against odors, the natural oils can settle on the floor and create a slick surface if you use too much

Since first using Melody in my home, I have used it in several areas of the house but the kitchen, bathroom, and my son's room are where it gets used the most. The Rage Against the Raspberry scent has yet to bother my allergies. I think it may be because the fragrance is naturally derived from essential oils. I'm really not sure but I am happy that I can enjoy the scent rather than having to buy the unscented version, although the fact that there is an unscented version means that almost anyone, allergies or not, can use this product. Overall, I am very happy with Melody and will continue to purchase it.

Here at Go, Baby, Go!, we proudly carry Rockin Green products and want to give our followers the opportunity to try them as well! We are giving away a mini Rockin Green bundle, which consists of 1 bottle of Melody Odor Neutralizer, 1 Shake it Up! Pail Freshener, and 1 Magnetic Detergent Scoop, all your choice of scents/color from our in-stock selection. Good luck!

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