Monday, April 2, 2012

Melody Odor Neutralizer Review and Giveaway


Rockin Green is a local company, located on the outskirts of the San Antonio city limits in Castroville, Texas, that prides itself on making ecologically friendly cleaning products. Owned and operated by female powerhouse Kimberly Webb, the company received a Stevie Award for being the fastest growing company of 2011 while Kim herself was given a Stevie for Entrepreneur of the Year. Their products are sold in over 600 stores throughout the United States and in 50 other countries, including Australia, Canada, and Dubai! Talk about a local gem! The company recently went from just making laundry detergent in 2009 to launching several new eco-friendly cleaning products and laundry accessories in September of 2011. One of those products is Melody Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Spray. Melody is available in an 8 oz spray bottle that sells for $8.95 and comes in all the fun scents that Rockin Green is known for, to include the ever popular Rage Against the Raspberry, Smashing Watermelons, and Motley Clean.

I have been using Melody for several months now. I was lucky enough to get to take it for a test drive a few months before it was even available on the market thanks to the generosity of Rockin Green's CEO! It only took a couple of applications for me to completely fall in love with Melody! First of all, let me establish that I generally cannot tolerate scented products. I end up with a full throttle allergy attack to include sneezing, watery eyes, and scratchy throat. The first thing I noticed is, while the spray had a raspberry fragrance, it didn't affect me when I sprayed it in my bathroom. Now, being that it was such a small area, I only used one spray, which in turn completely neutralized "bathroom odor" (enough said!) within seconds. Yes, I said seconds!!! Just think, you can actually go to the bathroom and have a guest or family member walk in behind you and NEVER know what took place in there! Or better yet, YOU can walk in behind your husband and not have to share the one thing ALL women would rather not know about! Excuse me while I do the HAPPY DANCE!!!

The next place I decided to test out Melody was in my son's room. At the time I started using Melody, he was 15 months and eating solids at every meal so his poop could definitely clear a room. Between that and the diaper pail (remember, we are talking toddler here), his room could smell for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes after a diaper change. I hated the lingering smell, especially if we were in his room playing or I needed to go in there to fold and put away clothes or diapers. This time, since it was a bigger room, I used two sprays. Again, in seconds, odor neutralized! This mama went from sad to glad in no time! That ought to be Melody's mantra!

Photo Courtesy of Monica Barrientes of M.Y. Photography

Pros: Neutralizes odor in seconds, comes in great smelling scents, the bottle lasts a long time since you generally only need one spray for small to medium sized rooms and 2 sprays for larger rooms, available in unscented for those sensitive to fragrances, made from all natural ingredients, safe for use around children and pets, can be safely used on fabrics

Cons: They can't make it fast enough? Hmm....any sensitivity to the scents, you have to shake the bottle well before using to mix the ingredients- if you don't, it is not as effective against odors, the natural oils can settle on the floor and create a slick surface if you use too much

Since first using Melody in my home, I have used it in several areas of the house but the kitchen, bathroom, and my son's room are where it gets used the most. The Rage Against the Raspberry scent has yet to bother my allergies. I think it may be because the fragrance is naturally derived from essential oils. I'm really not sure but I am happy that I can enjoy the scent rather than having to buy the unscented version, although the fact that there is an unscented version means that almost anyone, allergies or not, can use this product. Overall, I am very happy with Melody and will continue to purchase it.

Here at Go, Baby, Go!, we proudly carry Rockin Green products and want to give our followers the opportunity to try them as well! We are giving away a mini Rockin Green bundle, which consists of 1 bottle of Melody Odor Neutralizer, 1 Shake it Up! Pail Freshener, and 1 Magnetic Detergent Scoop, all your choice of scents/color from our in-stock selection. Good luck!

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