Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2500 Facebook Fan Giveaway

CLOSED     WINNER: Comment #67 out of 324 comments- Kris M. 

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 2500 Facebook fans, we are giving away a Boba 3G Structured Carrier in the winner's choice of print or color from our in stock selection.  This carrier is the only carrier you will ever need!  It has a built in panel to support newborns from 8 lb. and goes all the way up to 45 lb. toddlers.  It fits numerous shapes and sizes without having to buy extension belts so even daddies of linebacker size can use the Boba comfortably.  The Boba truly is a multifunctional, easy to use, wonderful to wear, hands free device! 

To enter, go our online store, choose a product that you have used, scroll down and click the "write a review" tab, then write a review on that item.  Once you are finished, come back here and comment on this blog post letting us know which product you reviewed.  You may do more than one review, just be sure to do a separate comment per review.  Good luck and thank you for being a fan!!!  

Boba 3G Soft Structured Carrier in Dusk

Giveaway rules: The giveaway will run for one week and end on June 6th at 11:59 pm CST.  Winning comment will be selected via  Winner will be notified via email and announced on the blog.  If we discover the winner did not write a review, the prize will be forfeited and another winner chosen. One review per comment please. Any reviews containing foul language or disrespectful content will be removed.  Your review does not have to be positive, just courteous and insightful.  Thank you! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Best Bottom Review and Giveaway


Best Bottom is an All-In-Two (AI2) diapering system created by Nicki, a WAHM and owner of Nicki's Diapers.  Her vision was to take all the pros from different diapering systems and incorporate them into one perfect diapering system, leaving out all the cons.  The Best Bottom AI2 system offers many options to choose from so it's easy to get a good, trim fit, even on long, lean babies or babies with very chunky legs. The one size covers come in great color combinations and adorable prints with both snap and hook & loop closures along with leg gussets that do a phenomenal job of containing even the messiest toddler poop!  One aspect separating Best Bottoms from other AI2 systems are the sized snap in inserts. Gone are the days of trying to get a one size insert to fit a small infant without adding a ton of bulk!  The regular snap-inserts are available in small, medium, and large with the choice of either Stay Dry Microfiber or Hemp/Organic Cotton.  For overnight, choices include thicker, more absorbent sized inserts in Microfiber or Hemp/Organic Cotton.  A snap-in 2 layer Microfiber Doubler is also available to use for naps, long car rides or anytime you need a bit more absorbency without adding a lot of bulk.  Since this is a hybrid system, the diaper cover can be used with the snap inserts, a prefold or a fitted diaper, or a disposable insert.  A true multi-tasker!   
                                                                                   Daytime Test:
Best Bottom Cover in Blue Giraffe,  slim 26-lb 2 year old
To test this system on my 23 month old, I used a large Stay Dry insert with a large Hemp/Organic Cotton insert snapped on top and a Blue Giraffe cover during the day.  Surprisingly, the diaper remains relatively trim even with 2 inserts.  Since my little boy hit the 20 month mark, I have been dealing with leaks due to an increase in his urine volume.  The amount of fluid he takes in varies from day to day so it's impossible to tell whether a diaper will leak or not.  If a diaper can handle my 23 month old for 3-4 hours without leaking, then it's a keeper in my book.  The first thing I noticed is the diaper remains surprisingly trim with 2 inserts.  I really like that, especially during the day when I have to keep pulling his shorts up and down for diaper changes!  Second, the diaper is a great fit, which can sometimes be an issue as babies get to the toddler phase.  No leg gaps as he climbs or squats, no butt crack showing when he leans over, and the waist is not to tight or too loose!  I am jazzed to say the least!!  During the first test, the diaper held up without leaks for about 4 hours before needing to be changed.  One nice thing is I was able to wipe out the cover with a soft cloth and use it again.  The second test involved a huge, soft toddler poop after about 2 hours of wearing the diaper.  The leg gussets did their job because none of it came out of the diaper although I was unable to reuse the cover because the inside of the gussets got soiled.  All in all, I was VERY happy with the performance of this system during the day.  Being able to go about my day without having to change my son's clothing and clean up extra messes due to leaks was wonderful!  I'd also like to note the poop stain left on the Hemp/Organic Cotton insert sunned out beautifully.  An added benefit for those of us who hate stains on our precious fluff!

1 large microfiber insert, Very little bulk for daily use
Very trim on our adorable 2 year old Fluff Model!

Nighttime Test:
For the nighttime test, I used a large Overnight Microfiber insert underneath the large, regular Hemp/Organic Cotton insert that I used during the daytime test.  The Hemp/Organic Cotton insert does not snap into the Overnight insert so I just laid it over the top with the cotton fleece layer facing out towards the skin.  While this combo is not as trim as the one used during the day, it still was not as bulky as some of my nighttime pocket diapers and the fit was still perfect.  My little boy sleeps 10-12 hours each night without being woken up for diaper changes so this is a true test of how well the overnight  system holds up on toddlers.  The overnight combo took a beating during the 11 hours my son slept but it did not leak!!  The inserts were definitely saturated but I think they could have held more urine if necessary.  What I really loved was the cotton fleece did a pretty good job of keeping my son's skin dry.  I noticed he tends to sleep longer when he is in a stay dry diaper so the fact that Best Bottoms offers stay dry options is a big bonus!

Disposable Insert Test:
Best Bottoms does not offer a disposable option for their AI2 system but I knew I could improvise and use either a GroVia Biosoaker or a Flip disposable insert.  Since the cover doesn't have an area to adhere the GroVia insert without getting it on the PUL, I decided it was best to use a Flip insert.  As I stated earlier, my little boy has turned into a heavy wetter so we can no longer use disposable inserts for more than an hour, two at the most.  The Flip insert was a bit long for the rise setting I used on the cover so I folded it over in the front to make it fit.  Even with it folded over, the insert fit nicely and was extremely trim.  After an hour and a half, I decided to change back to a cloth insert.  The Flip insert was   pretty soaked but thankfully, there were no leaks and  I was able to wipe out the cover to use it again.  While the disposable option was not the best choice for my 23 month old, I think the Flip disposable insert would certainly be a great option for babies 18 months and younger.

Trim fit, easy to use (great for Dads, Grandparents, and Babysitters); several insert sizes and types make for a custom fit; the covers come in adorable prints and nice color combos; extender tabs are available for a roomier fit in the waist area; decreases diaper laundry since the covers can be wiped out and reused several times; stains easily sun out; and the entire system is made in the USA. If using 2 sizes, say medium and large for example, the cost is the same as a one-size insert system because Best Bottom inserts are half the price of a one-size insert and the covers are the same price.

If diapering from birth to potty training with small, medium, and large inserts, it will be a bit more costly since the inserts are sized; can't snap doubler down onto the Overnight inserts. 

Overall, the Best Bottom diapering system is one of the best hybrids on the market today.  If I had tried this system prior to buying the GroVia AI2 system, I would have definitely invested in this system.  It is also one of the few that is made exclusively in the USA, which is a definite plus!!  I highly recommend Best Bottoms if you are in the market for an AI2 system.  You can enter below to win a Best Bottom cover in the print or color of your choice, a 4 layer Stay Dry insert, and a 5 layer Hemp/Organic Cotton insert OR you can purchase this system at Go, Baby, Go, both online and in the store.  Thanks for taking the time to read my review!! --Gina

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