Friday, March 16, 2012

GroVia Stay Dry Review and Giveaway

CLOSED     WINNER: Kristi F.

The GroVia All-in-Two (AI2) Hybrid is one of the most popular diapers on the market today. The shells are multifunctional as they can be used with a reusable soaker pad, a disposable biosoaker, or as a diaper cover with a prefold or a fitted. They come in adorable prints and beautiful colors, are very trim fitting, and easy to use. The original soaker pads are made from a buttery soft, organic jersey cotton with a waterproof TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) backing and leg gussets. In December, GroVia released a Stay Dry version of their soaker pads, made of a highly absorbent cotton/hemp blend and topped with microfleece, which wicks moisture away from the skin to keep your baby drier and more comfortable. They are sold in sets of two for $17.95, the same price as the organic jersey cotton soaker pads.

I have been testing these soakers out for about 2 months now. Like all natural fiber inserts, I had to wash and dry my new soaker pads 5 times for them to be absorbent and ready for use. The first thing I noticed about the pads that was very different from the original pads was the top soaker pad was not completely sewn down onto the bottom part of the pad, which means you can put additional inserts underneath it and still have the benefit of stay dry. Oh happy day!!! I was VERY excited because I had not been able to use my GroVia AI2 system overnight on my 20 month old since he was about 12 months old. The cotton inserts alone could not handle the urine volume that accompanies the 10-12 hours my little boy sleeps each night plus I really wanted a stay dry option for his comfort.

Here are my test results:

During the day: The pad lasted 3-4 hours in between diaper changes on my now 20 month old although I generally change him every 2-3 hours on average. The leg gussets, which are made from stay dry microfleece as well, contained poop messes most of the time. And that's saying a lot considering my little boy poops 3-4 times per day. I occasionally had to get a new shell but not often. Best of all, no leaks!

During nap time: I added 1 GroVia Stay Dry cotton booster underneath the top stay dry soaker pad for extra absorbency during my son's 2-3 hour naps. He actually seems to sleep better with the Stay Dry soaker pad. I really think he is more comfortable with this pad, not only because of the stay dry feature but also because the pad is really soft and pliable, making it more comfortable for him to wear. Once again, no leaks!

Overnight: The big test!!! The first night, I added 2 GroVia Stay Dry cotton boosters underneath the top layer of the pad. I was nervous but I figured if he leaks, he'll wake up and I'll get up to change him. But, to my surprise, 10 hours later and no leaks!!! The pad and the boosters were definitely saturated but held up beautifully!! The second night, I decided to see if other brands of inserts would fit underneath the top pad. This time I used a small Thirsties Duo Hemp insert. It fit perfectly and worked like a charm! Again, no leaks!!! All in all, I was able to use several different inserts underneath the top part of the pad and each one worked great. Here's the list: GroVia Cotton boosters, small Thirsties Duo Hemp insert, medium Punkin Butt Pocket Patch Hemp insert, and a trifolded infant size indian cotton prefold.

Pros: More absorbent than the organic cotton soaker pads, able to add absorbency while still remaining relatively trim and keeping the stay dry feature, baby stays drier and more comfortable, hemp is more durable than organic cotton so theoretically these inserts should last longer giving you more bang for your buck, the microfleece stains MUCH less than the cotton pads, they dry faster than the cotton pads, TPU backing helps to prolong shell use

Cons: Not many!!! Any allergies to microfleece, they may not hold up overnight despite being able to add extra absorbency (depending on your baby's urine volume)

I have used the GroBaby/GroVia AI2 system for 16 months now and have been very happy with it. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Stay Dry Soaker Pads. If you already use the system and have several of the organic soaker pads like me, I recommend getting at least 4-6 of the Stay Dry pads to use during nap time and overnight. However, if you are new to cloth diapering and/or are buying this system for the first time, I recommend buying half stay dry, half organic cotton soaker pads along with 4-6 of the cotton boosters. This will give you several options to use as your baby grows.

Want to try the GroVia AI2 system? We are giving away a shell set, which includes 1 shell of your choice and 1 Stay Dry soaker pad, and a pack (2) of Stay Dry boosters. Everything you need to test out this awesome diapering system! Good Luck and thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my review!! --Gina

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