Monday, September 24, 2012

Blueberry Minky OS Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway

Swaddlebees and Blueberry Diapers was started by Margarita, a mom of 3 who, after using cloth diapers from other companies, wanted to offer moms something better than plain, boring cloth diapers.  After making and selling her first 12 diapers, she started the Blueberry brand, which offered some of the best prints on the market.  In the first month, they sold all 2000 diapers in their first production run!  Today, Blueberry offers high quality products with features you won’t find on other diapers made in the USA such as sourced fabrics from the USA, latex free elastics, and materials guaranteed to be free from lead, pthalates and BPA. Buying Blueberry or Swaddlebees products means you are supporting safe products for babies and jobs for both the company’s workers and the retailers that sell the products.  Combine that with a full one year warranty and a 90 day "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back” policy to round out the reasons why Blueberry diapers are one of the most sought after diapers on today’s market.  When you really look at what you are getting, these products are more than worth the few extra dollars you’ll spend compared to other cloth diaper brands.  Blueberry is dedicated to “bringing the joy back to being a mom.”  With so many adorable prints, what mom wouldn’t be filled with joy at the prospect of using a Blueberry or Swaddlebees diaper? 

Blueberry Minky in Green Camo
 on a 30”, 24 lb. 15 month old
set on the medium rise setting.
I had never used a Minky diaper before this review.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like having a “fuzzy” diaper.  While I thought the prints were absolutely adorable, I wondered about issues like fading and/or pilling, which would decrease the diaper’s “cute” factor.  Let me assure you I was pleasantly surprised when the Green Camo Minky Diaper I used for this review came out looking perfect wash after wash.  I love the softness of the minky fabric, as does my toddler who likes to “pet” his diaper!  Each pocket diaper comes with 2 very absorbent microfiber terry inserts, a 3 layer small insert and a 4 layer longer insert that is adjustable for the medium and large sizes.  The small insert also acts as a doubler when extra absorbency is desired with the 4 layer insert, which is a must with heavy wetters and toddlers.  Another surprising find with this diaper is the thickness of the PUL lining.  The Blueberry Minky Diaper has the thickest PUL lining of all the pocket diapers in my stash and yet is still very pliable.  There is also plenty of growing room with this diaper.  My 36” 2 year old can wear this diaper on either the medium rise snap setting for a trimmer fit during the day or the large rise snap setting for a higher rise to prevent stomach sleeping leaks during the night.  
Blueberry Minky in Green Camo set on the
medium rise snap position on an active 36”,
 32 lb. toddler. Note the trimness even 

with both MF inserts. 
Daytime Test:  During the day, I went ahead and used both inserts since I was testing it on my 2 year old son.  The diaper has a great fit even with both inserts in the pocket.  No gaps in the legs or waist which means less chance of leakage, especially for active toddlers who are running, climbing, jumping and squatting throughout the day.  I changed the diaper at the 4 hour mark, which is generally my cut off for diapers during the day.  The inserts could have held more fluid so I really think I could have gone another couple of hours without changing the diaper, which is good to know in a pinch!  Nothing is worse than being away from home longer than you expected only to discover your little one’s diaper is leaking too.  While it is always a good practice to change your child’s diaper every 2-3 hours during the day, sometimes life just happens and your usual routine gets shot down in flames!  The second time I tested out the diaper during the day, I had to deal with a messy toddler poop.  For some reason, my son’s stools were pretty soft that day and definitely put the diaper’s mini leg gussets to the test.  I am happy to report that while the poop spread out to the leg opening, the gussets kept it from leaking out.  Phew!  Dodged a bullet with that one! 

Side view of the diaper on a 15 month old
toddler. Note even with both inserts, the
diaper remains trim on this model as well. 
Nap Time Test:  The diaper held up beautifully during my son’s 3 hour afternoon nap.  Again, the inserts were not soaked so they would have held up even longer if needed.  The Stay Dry lining is so soft and did a great job at wicking moisture away from his skin.  Maybe that is why he slept an extra hour the day I did the nap time test!  Talk about a win-win situation.  I got an extra hour to get things done while my son woke up well rested and in a great mood! SCORE!!!!  
Fluffy Camo Bum! Even when bending
forward, the diaper covers the entire
bottom. This helps prevent poop from
coming out of the top of the diaper. 
Nighttime Test:  Since my son sleeps 10+ hours per night, I went ahead and added a Swaddlebees Bamboo Doubler just to make sure he didn’t have any leaks during the night.  Even with the doubler and both microfiber inserts, the diaper remained relatively trim and fit great.  The night I did the test, my son slept right at 10 hours.  I knew the diaper would be full but I wasn’t prepared for just how full!  The inserts were soaked to the point that they were heavy and very wet to the touch. But my son’s skin was dry and there were no leaks!  Finding comfortable, absorbent overnight diapers for heavy wetters and toddlers can be challenging since the wetness or leaks can potentially cause them to wake up.  I was very happy that my son slept comfortably all night and woke up dry.  The best way to start off each day!

Overall, I am impressed by the fit, absorbency and softness of the Blueberry Minky Pocket Diaper.  While it can be hard to get a good fit with a OS pocket diaper because either it doesn’t fit small babies well or it doesn’t fit toddlers well, this diaper fits well on both.  I definitely recommend adding some of Blueberry’s functional and cute diapers to your stash! 

To give our fans the opportunity to shop at our local or online store, we are giving away a $20 Go, Baby, Go! gift certificate.  If you would like to purchase a Blueberry Minky OS Pocket Diaper, you can find them here.  Thanks for taking the time to read my review! --Gina       

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