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Bamboobies Review and Giveaway

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Bamboobies were born out of necessity - 'the mother of invention!’ by mom-preneur Kerry Gilmartian who was looking for a nursing pad that did not leak, bunch up, or become visible through a shirt.  Every pad she tried failed this criteria so she decided to create her own pads.  A year into product development and prototyping with different fabrics and designs, she have settled on a couple of unique breast pad designs that mothers absolutely love.  Made from buttery soft, highly absorbent, moisture wicking bamboo velour, both the regular and overnight pads live up to their promises of being the thinnest for daily use and thickest for overnight use with no leaks, guaranteed! 

The following review was written by guest mommy reviewer, Vanessa P:  

"When my daughter was born she went right the breast and very happily settled there.  We were a great nursing pair.  I did very little research about nursing or nursing products.  I just went with the flow and used the products available to me in the big box stores.  This included nursing pads.  I used disposables and, once I discovered them, reusable pads too.  They worked but they weren’t great. The reusable pads were thick and round but the wrong shape for my breasts.  This was very obvious under my nursing tanks and thinner nursing bras.   The disposables were thinner and quicker absorbing when my milk let down at inopportune times but they also made my breasts feel like they were in a sauna.  I guess that’s what happens when you wrap wet boobs in plastic!  We continued this way and thankfully survived.

When my son born 2 years later I expected the same scenario as with my daughter.  After a great labor and birth, my son did go straight to the breast and started to nurse.  I was thrilled!  That was about 11 am.  Then, along comes 2 am and he’s been using me as a pacifier almost all day!  I was already so sore.  I sent my husband to the store for some lanolin and hobbled my way to the nurses station for one of those little green pacifiers.  After we were released, the soreness increased.  I realized my son was a snacker!  Not only that, he didn’t want to open his mouth and would suck my nipple in like a straw.  OWWW!!!!  I was on YouTube at 2, 3 and 4 am watching nursing videos and searching for tips. 

Heart Shaped Regular Bamboobies in black, pink, and fuchsia.   Love the colors! 
Some where along the way I found a review for Bamboobies Nursing Pads.  I already knew how soft bamboo velour was because I had ordered a yard to make “pillowcases” for my daughter’s microfiber inserts when we were having overnight wetting problems with our cloth diapers.  The description of the pads on the Bamboobies website addressed all the issues I had with nursing pads in the past.  The price point made me hem and haw a little, so I slept (or something resembling sleep) on it.  I woke in the morning soaked and sore and decided my boobs were worth it!  So, I ordered the Bamboobies Variety 6 Pair Pack. 

The super soft bamboo velour on the
skin side of a Regular Bamboobie
When they arrived I checked out my loot.  I had 3 pairs of daytime hearts (pink, red and black) and 3 pairs of ridiculously soft nighttime pads.  Knowing what I knew about natural fiber cloth diapers, I called to find out if I need to prep these puppies.  Nope, they are good to go right out of the package!  So, I excitedly showed them to my husband and his mom since they were both home.  They smiled politely and probably thought I was crazy.  My daughter, on the other hand, saw soft pink hearts and feel in love.  She just shoved them under her shirt a ran off.  Like mother, like daughter.

I popped a pair of daytime hearts in and sighed.  They are VERY soft. They are VERY thin. And because of the shape they are flexible and mold well around my breast.  Our mail comes in the late afternoon so the initial daytime test was cut short. 

The Overnight Bamboobie. Note it is larger with thicker
bamboo than the regular ones.   
The first overnight with my Bamboobies was great!  I woke up with heavy, full pads but not wet diapers.  Diapers?!!  Yes, I would sleep with prefolds under me so I could just pick them up and wash them without having to keep washing my sheets.  Woohoo!!!  I can sleep on my sheets!!  At this time my son was about 2 to 3 weeks old.  He would wake up to nurse about every 1.5 to 2 hours and my milk would still beat him to the punch.  The cool thing about the Bamboobies overnight pads is that they suck all the milk to the core of the pads so even though they are full and heavy, feel dry to the touch, not wet or soggy. 

When I used the daytime hearts for the second time, I was equally impressed with their absorbency.  They are SO thin!  I have no clue where all the leaked milk goes but I do know it did not get on my bra or shirts.  Just like that, my nursing life became a little easier and more comfortable.  Another great quality of the bamboo velour is the texture.  Yes, it is soft but because it is not smooth it doesn't get stiff (think men’s starched dress shirt).  My old cotton washable pads would get stiff and scratchy when the milk would dry.  Not the best sensation on already tender nipples. 

On a normal day I changed my nursing pads twice, once at nap time and again around dinner time. This became part of my daily routine, making the 6 pack I bought perfect for me.  I did a load of baby + mommy laundry once a day which included anything of his and anything of mine that touched him.  The overnight pads did come out of the dryer still damp.  All I had to do was reshape them and lay them in the sun.  They would be dry and good to go within an hour or so.  With this routine, I aways had pads to get through the next day.  Honestly, not having any extra pads kept me on schedule. If I didn’t do the laundry I would have to use my old cotton pads, which I absolutely did not want to do!  While $40 may seem like a lot of money for a pack of nursing pads, it really isn’t when you consider I had enough nursing pads for 2 to 3 days because these pads are so absorbent.  I highly recommend Bamboobies nursing pads.  To a nursing mom of a newborn, they are truly worth their weight in gold!  Thank you for taking the time to read my review!”  ~Vanessa

To give our fans the opportunity to try these fabulous nursing pads, we are giving away a 2 pair pack of Regular Bamboobies, a $17 value.  If you would like to purchase Bamboobies Nursing Pads, you can find them here.  Good Luck! 

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